Malaysia, Malacca, the Portuguese and Goa?

Malaysia newspaper The Star Online reported on Feb 3, 2005 from Petaling Jaya that a “1,000-year-old lost city, possibly older than Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Borobudur in Indonesia, is believed to have been located in the dense jungles of Johor.”
On Usenet newsgroups, someone had commented that “apparently the first Portugese expeditionary force which landed in Malacca several years before the invasion of 1511 were arrested and put into gaol by the Sultan upon the advice of Muslim court advisors from the Indian subcontinent who saw their business interests in Goa taken over by the Portugese. The did not want to see the same happening in Malacca. The Portugese attacked to the rescue of their compatriots and the rest was history.”
Gabriel de Figueiredo from Melbourne (an “ex-Ponjekar ani Lotlekar”) added to this, via Goanet saying: “See also the site of the Malacca Portuguese Eurasian Association, if interested in that part of the world.” Thanks to all for offering the useful links.
Don’t know how effective this is, but here’s the results for links between Malaysia and Portugal.

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