Angry debate, emerging issues

Goajourno is a mailing lists where (some) journos speak their mind. See this thread (and related posts) titled “Correspondents” where some strong words and angry accusations have been traded. It seems to have degenerated into a personal slanging match 😉

My arguments are: let’s go beyond personalities to see some of the issues emerging:

* Should journalists accepts presents, hospitality, tours, etc?
If so, under what conditions, and to what limit? If not, why?

* Can hospitality influence journalism? If so, how do we
respond to (i) tours (ii) food (iii) gifts?

* Should journalists be allowed to hold another full-time job?
If not, why? On the other hand, could there be some
advantages of such an arrangement?

* Can there be a ‘conflict of interest’ even when a
journalist doesn’t hold another job and, if so,
what steps need to be taken to prevent this?

* Is the problem caused by the low payment structure for
non-staff journalists?

* Should teachers be disallowed from also functioning
as journalism? If so, why? (Just the need to create more
full-time job opportunities for journalists might not
be a good-enough reason!)

* Is freelancing viable? If so, under what conditions?
If not, why not?

* How does a journalist ensure that his functioning is
*not* wholly dependent on the whims of management’s policy?

* Is journalistic rivalry touching unhealthy levels?

* Do juniors have good role-models from among the seniors?
Or are juniors themselves at fault, and unnecessarily
scapegoating their seniors?

* Do journalists take professional and mid-career-
training issues seriously enough in Goa/rest of India?

* What are the questions that are left out in the above list?


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